3-Man Division RULES

  • NXL Modified Rules
  • 10.5 NXL Ramp.
  • 285 FPS.
  • Games start with a silent 3 count
  • Game ends when you touch opposing team's starting gate or when time runs out.
  • 4 Minute time limit.
  • You can say 1 word when you are shot.
  • No dead man walking.
  • No arguing with calls.
  • Dirty hang is a swing point.
  • No Cussing.
  • No touching your teammate or opponent.
  • "Field Paint Only"

Youth Division

8-17 Youth Division.

  • Cannot be older than 17 years of age at the day of the event being played.
  • 5 Players per roster.

Coaching Rules for Youth Division

Dorito side and snake side coach boxes per team.

Can only say the following things to your players in the coaching box.

  • What's the G Count?
  • What's the Ball Count?
  • What's your assignment?
  • Talk to each other.
  • Keep your gun up.

Coaching Penalties

  • 1st Time verbal warning.
  • 2nd time one player penalty.
  • 3rd Time no coaching next point on both Snake and Dorito sides.
  • 4th Time no coaching for the rest of the tournament on both Snake and Dorito sides

Prelims end no more coaching rules apply.

*Head Ref has the ability to escalate the penalty due to the severity of infraction.


Adult Beginner Division/D6

  • 5 players per roster.
  • One D5 Player allowed.


D5/D4 Division

  • 5 players per roster.
  • One D3 Player allowed.
  • NXL Modified Rules.
  • 10.5 NXL Ramp.
  • 285 FPS.